About TenPenh Tysons

A charming, welcoming and delicious experience awaits for those who savor Asian cuisine! You'll find our bistro in the trendy Tysons Corner neighborhood in the signature 'Rainbow Building' on Westpark Drive! The innovative menu marries cuisines from all of Asia, including Japan, China and Thailand - with flavors and favorites from Vietnam, Korea, the Philippines and more.

Menu favorites from the original downtown DC TenPenh include Chef Jeff Tunks' Red Thai Curry Shrimp, Chinese-Style Smoked Lobster and Whole Crispy Fish. You'll find classic dishes with new flavors where 'East Meets West'! Steamed Bao Buns with 'Nashville-Hot'Fried Chicken & Panko Shrimp, a modern take on Bibimbap with "Crispy Rice' Bowls, as well as Sushi rolled to order and freshly prepared salads and Sharing Plates.

Inspired by the layout of a traditional Chinese courtyard house, complete with a contemporary moon gate, TenPenh Tysons features a succession of rooms of differing character, some arranged around an outdoor courtyard, and others around the bustling open kitchen. TenPenh Tysons evokes the sense of a private home of a sophisticated westerner who has lived in Asia and absorbed the serenity of its highest aesthetic: calm, uncluttered, and inviting. Everything down to the texture of walls produces a consistent elegance that is punctuated here and there with moments of whimsy [animals of the Chinese zodiac hidden throughout!], bold elements of jade, amber, and onyx, and the dramatic play of light and shadow.